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A one-month resistance band workout you can do anywhere


This total-body workout utilizes exercise bands to tone every muscle group — and you only have to do it three days a week. Choosing a resistance band To start, we recommend the lowest strength band, and in our band pack, this was the color green. But if you have been incorporating strength training into your […]

8 Resistance Band Exercises for a Total-Body Workout


These are the top banded strength training exercises recommended by running coaches. Despite the general consensus that strength training makes runners faster, more efficient, and less prone to injury, many still skip the weight room or half-heartedly crank out a few reps of biceps curls and call it a day. The reasons vary; gyms can feel crowded […]

5 Effective Resistance Band Exercises To Help You Achieve A Strong Firm Butt


A resistance band does exactly what the name suggests: it adds resistance to an exercise. This added resistance helps strengthen your muscles and pushes you to work a little bit harder. As resistance bands stretch, they create increased tension in your muscles and cause them to contract. The more you stretch the band, the more intense […]

Resistance Bands Exercises for Men And Why You Need Them

Yoga Band Exercises

Are resistance band exercises for men any good? Simply put you better believe they are! This article will explain why they are an excellent tool that you can have in your fitness arsenal and will show why resistance bands workouts for men may even be better than the traditional ‘iron bar’ training techniques. Muscles are […]

Do Resistance Bands Work? Are These Bands As Powerful As Weights? The Absolute Truth Revealed!

Resistance bands

The popularity of resistance bands has increased over the past few years. I recently received an email from my entrepreneur friend Eben. The subject was “Do resistance bands work?” As he was completely clueless about fitness, he asked me for some advice. As we all know that these bands are nothing but bands made of […]

Best Exercises For Resistance Bands – Uncover 5 Amazing and Powerful Exercises For Resistance Bands

Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises for resistance bands. These simple exercises will get you fast results and this program is what I like to call “goof-proof.” By “best exercises” I mean the ones that will give you the fastest muscle-building results. I used it myself to build muscle mass from […]