Do Resistance Bands Work? Are These Bands As Powerful As Weights? The Absolute Truth Revealed!

Resistance bands

The popularity of resistance bands has increased over the past few years. I recently received an email from my entrepreneur friend Eben. The subject was “Do resistance bands work?” As he was completely clueless about fitness, he asked me for some advice.

As we all know that these bands are nothing but bands made of elastic. So what’s the big deal about Elastic bands? Elastic is a rubber. And rubber provides the smoothest form of resistance known to mankind.

The principle with these bands is the same as it is with free weights. When you lift a free weight up, gravity comes into action and brings the weight down. You are building muscle by fighting against gravity.

But there’s something different with the bands. These bands provide resistance during the whole motion. When you lift it up and bring it down. This amazing feature of these bands provides you with a full-body workout.

So what is more effective? Resistance Bands or Free Weights.

I think it depends on the kind of system you purchase. Free weights and resistance bands are both beneficial. After my research, I have found resistance bands to be more effective and beneficial to the user.

With the right system integrated into elastic bands, you can get a full-body workout with around two fifty lbs of resistance and do hundreds of exercises. The bands are versatile, portable and cheap. The best part is you can use these bands for almost any sport.

Free weights are often looked down upon by some martial artists as they tend to reduce the flexibility of the player. I’m a martial artist and I don’t enjoy using free weights that much. Even the best fighter on the planet, Bruce Lee didn’t make much use of free weights. He always used to carry a set of bands in his bag and used to perform isometric exercises.

It’s up to you to make the choice. The outcome you want. If you want a body like Arnold (a lot of muscle and a giant like a look), then free weights are the option. If you want the sexy body like Bruce Lee, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) or The Spartan Look, resistance bands are the right choice.

The other advantage with these bands for newbies is that they help prevent cheating. Most newbies make use of momentum to get the weight moving. If you go deep into the laws of physics, you will understand it. All of us when we start with weight training tend to cheat. Even Arnold did cheat.

When you use weights, all the muscle fibers aren’t activated during the exercise. But when you use bands, most of the muscle fibers are activated during the full range of motion and thereby providing a full-body workout.

My final conclusion is, Resistance bands do work and they are the best. You have to choose the best resistance bands system if you really want results.

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